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Booking Engine UX & Design

Trafalgar Tours

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Sean Patterson

Core Project



We were approached by Trafalgar’s technical partners, Factory3, to improve the UI and UX of the existing online booking process. It was experiencing high drop-off rates, with many customers opting to call the service support line to complete their bookings. With a recently completed re-brand and the re-skin process about to kick-off, this was the perfect opportunity to improve the UX for a key user journey.

UX sketches
The scope of the project meant that we had to work within the confines of the existing booking engine, so after carrying out an Expert Review and identifying the key issues contributing to the high drop-off rates, we began to sketch out some possible solutions in collaboration with Factory 3, their development team.

We collaborated closely with Trafalgar's technical partners, Factory3, to ensure the new booking engine UX was compatible with the existing back-end technical architecture.

The Finished Product
To cater for the target demographic, we simplified the entire booking process by breaking it down into bite-sized steps accompanied by contextualised help prompts to reduce the number of users dropping off due to confusion.


Our solution tested well during development and has just been launched. We are expecting an uplift in conversions and reduction in manpower costs through fewer in-bound support calls.

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