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Data Tool Redesign

Big Data 4 Humans

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Zach Bishop

Core Project



Big Data for Humans (BD4H) boast the world’s first automated customer insights engine that uses networks to analyse customers. The client wanted their data analysis tool to be brought in line with the new brand we had developed for them whilst improving some of the visual issues including removing any unnecessary cluttering; to make it a more slick and modern tool.

UI Review
The first step in the process was a thorough UI review of the then current tool. Following this review the BD4H and the team were able to determine both the extent and scope of the work needed.

The tool needed to be adaptable to all sizes ranging from widescreen desktops to mobiles.

One of the key tasks was to design a bespoke set of icons, which were tied together in icon families to give each icon individuality, whilst keeping them easily recognisable to what they were representing, and to it’s family.

As was the same with the website re-design, the client was providing their own developers, so we produced a very in-depth design document capturing all the required details.


Following the UI review we are able to give the tool a brand new lease of life as well as create a more enriched experience for the user.

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