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Mondelez International is a multinational confectionery, food and beverage conglomerate which employs around 107,000 staff globally.

When joining one of the merchandising teams, trainees are traditionally trained in classroom environments using Powerpoint presentations and paper-based assessments. Unfortunately, this approach to training was proving ineffective, with trainees failing to apply the knowledge in practical situations.

We solved this problem through gamification, by working with Mondelez and their suppliers to develop a virtual store, where merchandising teams from around the world can now compete against each other in a true-to-life merchandising simulation.

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Each day, players receive an update on the health of their virtual store via email, and are encouraged to login and make adjustments as their budget increases and they can afford to make choices which deliver a better ROI. The game is localised into 24 different languages.

"Everyone loves it and its getting them to talk about floor media vs promotions vs front facing etc! Big thumbs up from my team and a huge thank you from me!"

Selina Maynard - Shopper and Snacking Insights Manager


The game was a huge success, with a post-game survey revealing that 94% of staff would change the way they work as a direct result of playing the game, and 100% of staff stating that they learnt something new.

Staff compete in each game
Play every day
Play at weekends

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