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Zach Bishop

Core Project



GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is the sixth largest pharmaceutical company in the world. To enable their staff to remotely generate planograms for their distributors, we developed a cross-platform tablet app shelf planning tool.

The tool was designed to allow users to create bays, shelves and products that accurately represented the dimensions found in-store.

Using the tablet’s camera to photograph products, a user can then input the exact dimensions. The camera can also be used to scan product barcodes to check for products already in the inventory, which users can then drag-and-drop onto the shelves.

Full portable product database
The client provided a sample inventory, algorithms and a product database which we imported in to the tool. The app was developed using PhoneGap, to enable cross-platform compatibility.


The tool provided a simple and easy solution for GSK and removed the need for staff to visit the physical stores.Services and Technologies Delivered:

Branding, UX & UI design
Cordova, Angular JS, iOS, Java

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