Case Studies

Oculus Rift Crane Simulator

Balfour Beatty

creativeTech & Engineering
Sean Patterson

Core Project


The Brief

To demonstrate how new, cost-effective technology could be incorporated into their training programmes, we developed a virtual reality crane simulator for Balfour Beatty.

Attention to detail.
We studied the real interiors and controls of real crane cabins for accuracy and brought it to life with a physics engine, 3D stereo sound, joystick control, Oculus Rift headset and noise-cancelling headphones for a fully immersive experience.

Within the simulator, users get full control over the crane and are able to pick up, drop and move loads around a construction site. To make the experience more challenging, we added workmen and typical site obstacles.

We developed the demo using custom Oculus Rift SDKs in combination with Unity 3D.


After seeing its practical applications, the company is looking to introduce it not only within training programmes, but also as a recruitment fair attraction.

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