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Secret Societies Eye Scan

The Friday Club London

3D, VR & Motioncreative

Core Project



Top secret events need top quality security… or, at least, the impression of one. We were tasked with creating a juicy intro sequence for The Friday Club London to get viewers in the mood for the launch of their new website.

When people landed on the site for the first time the video sequence played and then revealed the new site behind in its full glory.

UI Design
Individual UI elements were created with loving precision and care before animation.

Before we moved onto the mimicking a stubborn looking security system, we researched traditional security systems, movie clichés, retro computer graphics and generally what looked hypnotic and authoritative.

Homemade Glitch
We made our glitch from scratch instead of using a cheap plugin because... you know... why not make your own glitch?

The glitch was an important part of the brief. Recurring and bold to reiterate a system interrupted. We created our own glitch by using custom fractal noises to displace, mixing those with interlacing lines with those with blocks of colours changing until we got the warmth of that sweet glitch we wanted.

Noise is Everything
Crafting the sound with detail was the ultimate step to gluing everything together.

We put everything together and then designed the sound on top of it —which was the icing— and possibility most entertaining part of the process. Here is the Eye Scan in its full glory.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Guys that looks AMAZING! #Epic

Chasity Nao, Start-up Champion at The Friday Club London


With the eye (scan) candy, we increased the likelihood of sharing on social media. Intros are a thing of the past, but it doesn't mean we still can't enjoy them.

Views on the day of launch

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