What We Do

A Top 100 independent, user experience (UX) and service design agency.

We solve organisational challenges through human-centred design thinking. 

Research Research

Solutions based on meaningful data, insights and a solid understanding of your users’ needs.

Good data, considered research and methodical analysis can yield a trove of invaluable insights. This is why we like building our solutions upon a foundation of solid research. The data does not lie and with sound analysis we can usually pin-point problem areas and draw up an actionable list of recommendations.


User Research
Qualitative & quantitative research reports utilising surveys, contextual inquiries and observational studies.


Data Analysis
Identify trends, opportunities and areas of concern in your data sets.


Competitor Benchmarking
In-depth competitor benchmarking reports to help establish where your product or service sits within the sector.


Expert Reviews
We carry out non-automated, comprehensive reviews of your existing websites, apps and services to make genuinely insightful and actionable recommendations.


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User Experience Design User Experience

Delivering demonstrable improvements to your business through efficacious user experience design.

We are passionate about creating exceptional user experiences that deliver real results for your business. We understand that every project is unique and our solutions are focused on providing the optimum experience for your users.


Expert Reviews & UX Audits
If you already have a digital footprint and are looking to identify areas for improvement, our cost-effective yet comprehensive web & app reviews will provide you with a set of findings and recommendations that will allow you to make informed decisions about your digital activity moving forward.


Requirements Gathering
We liaise extensively with both stakeholders and end-users in the early stages of your project to help shape and define the exact requirements. This process allows us not just to understand the problem we need to solve, but also to establish the KPIs and objectives that will help shape and inform the solution.


Information Architecture
The organisation, structuring and labelling of content on your website or app forms a key part of the user experience. We plan and create sitemaps that deliver clear and usable content structures.


Interaction Design
We map user interaction through wireframes which act as the blueprints for your website or app. Our goal-driven approach ensures that we deliver a solution that caters for all of your users.


UI Design
Our talented team of UX designers craft beautiful visuals for your website or app.


We build fully functioning prototypes of your website or app to give you a feel for what the finished product will be like.


User Testing
We conduct comprehensive user testing to make sure everything’s working properly.


Service Design
Any interaction between a brand and user can affect the user experience; we offer our design expertise to all online and offline services to create a better user experience.


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Creative Creative

Beautiful branding, gorgeous visuals, intuitive interfaces and subtle micro-interactions. It’s all in the detail.

We shape multi-channel solutions using a combination of human-centred design and cutting-edge creative technology.


Concepting & Storyboarding
We develop and explore multiple creative concepts for your project to make sure you get exactly what you want.


UI Design
We design beautiful, functional user interfaces.


Visual Design
Our talented art directors refine the design to create the look and feel of your website or app.


Product & Start-Up Branding
We concept, design and create brands for both existing products and services or those new to market.


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Technology & Engineering Tech & Engineering

Bringing solutions to life with cutting edge software and hardware technologies.

Mobile Apps
We create attractive but simple mobile apps that deliver exceptional user experiences.


Web Apps
We also create bespoke web apps for our clients, from intranet systems through to staff training portals.


Desktop Apps
We create beautiful and easy-to-use desktop apps using HTML5, C#, C++ or cross-platform tools such as QT.


We offer reliable and fully supported web hosting services.


We also offer continuous support for any arising issues with website performance and maintenance.


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